Easy Recumbent Bike Workout Plan For Beginners

Unlike the traditional upright bikesrecumbent bikes allow you to exercise in a reclining position. The paddle is in front of you and your back is rested on the back support. These bikes offer you an impact-free workout in the comfort of your home. They are great for weight loss and improving cardiovascular fitness.

Take your cardio to the next level with a recumbent bike workout.

The recumbent bike’s low impact and ease of use make it ideal for the elderly, the novice, and also the seasoned athlete. Once you have bought the best recumbent bike for your needs, ensure that you start correctly to get the maximum benefit. The following section will help you start on the right note.

Adjust The Seat

It takes only seconds to adjust the seat. Many beginners fail to do so in their eagerness to start. A proper seat position will make your workout more comfortable and effective. All you have to do is simply slide the seat to a more comfortable position.

Only make sure that the position allows a slight bend on your extended leg in when it is on the far side of the cycle.

Adjust your seat for a comfortable and effective workout!

Start With Some Stretching And Warming Up

As with all other exercises, it is necessary to limber up before starting. Lunges, trunk rotation, leg swings, toe touches, trunk rotations, etc. will get the juices flowing. After stretching, you can warm up with some light pedaling for about five minutes. Stretching and warming up will help reduce injuries and maximize the benefits of your workout.

Ensure You Have The Correct Position

A proper position will ensure that you get the maximum out of your workout. It also prevents injuries and helps you burn more calories. Avoid leaning forward and ensure that your back is tightly aligned with the seat. Use both handles on the side of the seat while doing intense exercises.

Maximize your workout: The right position can help you burn more calories and get the most out of your exercise routine.

Use The Correct Resistance

Many beginners start with high resistance levels. Like all exercises, it is best to start with low resistance settings. Start on low resistance settings and gradually increase after you get stronger and fitter. For cardiovascular fitness, pedaling fast on low settings will give you more benefits as it increases your heartbeat.

Do Interval Training

Short intense pedaling with high resistance and longer pedaling on low resistance will give you great results. Interval training will give you numerous benefits. As you get stronger, you can increase the resistance levels for a more intense workout.

Ensure You Workout For The Correct Duration

Pedaling more will give you more health benefits. For cardiovascular fitness, at least 30 minutes of pedaling a day is required. For weight loss, you need to work out for at least 60-90 minutes a day. Ensure that you work out enough to reach your fitness goals. Use the right resistance to allow you to work out for the entire duration.

Use The Presets

Some recumbent bikes are digital and come with preset workouts. The presets can be used as an initial guide for your workouts. Select a preset and do all the exercises it recommends. Hit upon the best resistance that allows you to finish all the exercises in the preset. You’ll hit upon the right resistance after a few tries.

Final Thoughts

Whether it is burning fat, improving cardiovascular fitness, or recovering from an injury, exercising with recumbent bikes has amazing benefits. As an added bonus, the workout is impact-free, unlike many other types of workouts.

As with all types of exercise, the benefits can only be seen after you follow a regular workout regimen. Once you invest in the best recumbent bike for your needs, ensure that you workout on it at least five times a week for maximum benefits.

At the same time don’t push your limits too much in the beginning. Nothing puts a dampener to your fitness goals like getting injured early on.

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