How To Design Your Own Workout Program

The world is overridden with health ailments and suffering. One of the leading root causes of all these health issues is improper weight. While some people are drastically thin, others are too fat.

This inconsistent and unhealthy weight gain or weight loss is causing too many problems that are becoming difficult to handle. Gym membership or Yoga session is not always a possibility due to our erratic lifestyle.

So how does one stay fit amidst all the chaos and trouble around? You cannot sit idle just because you are not able to find an alternative.

This is where a self-made workout routine can make the transition from unfit to fit happen. Since you design and implement the entire plan, there is no requirement for a gym membership or a personal trainer.

So how do you plan the perfect workout program for yourself?

One cannot implement a workout routine based on what others are doing. Everybody has a different requirement. SO workout routines should be designed based on what each person needs.

Designing a Custom planned Workout regime should be based on the following essential factors.

A Thorough Assessment Of The Body And A Detailed Analysis Of The Exact Requirements

A comprehensive evaluation of the body is essential to decide what your body exactly needs. The evaluation will give a more in-depth idea of the medical conditions, injuries, BMI, Fat percentage of the body and much more.

Once all these aspects are studied well, you can automatically get a detailed idea about your physical condition. Every human body has different growth and builds up a pattern.

So, every exercise will not suit the needs of every human body.

Choosing The Right Exercise For Weight Loss/Weight Gain

Based on body analysis, exercise regimes need to be carefully planned. Stretching and warming up is a mandatory inclusion in every workout routine. These two forms of exercise help in relaxing the muscles and loosening of the joints.

Stretching and warming up help in reducing the chances of muscular cramps and bone sprain to a great extent. Besides that, they also improve the agility of the body.

Cardio, Strength building, and resistance training might sound terrific ideas, but they do not suit everybody. According to the body, analysis results see which area needs maximum contouring.

Quads, Chest, Shoulder, Triceps, Biceps, Back, Core, and Hamstrings are the primary areas of concentration. Targeting these areas will automatically help in shaping up the rest of the body.

Another essential factor to consider is the condition of your extremities. Inferior Joint and Hip health requires low impact workout routines. In such cases, ellipticals and recumbent bikes are great alternative workout routines to opt for.

A few of the best recumbent bikes for heavy people have custom options even increasing or decreasing the intensity of the workout. This provides an excellent whole-body workout routine without affecting the joints of lower extremities like Knees, Hips, Ankles, etc.

Deciding The Number Of Sets, Frequency, And Duration Of The Workout Routine

Every exercise included in the routine has to follow several set patterns. This set can be increased or decreased based on the improvements in the body. Most often increasing the number of sets is done to promote accelerated results.

The frequency of exercise and the duration of every workout routine also should be decided based on the requirements of the body and the time frame available.

A 5-day workout routine lasting 60 minutes to 75 minutes is ideal for beginners. This can be increased or decreased as per requirement.

Incorporating The Rest Period In Between Every Routine

It is a mistake to work out seven days a week. The body needs to recover the massive fat and calorie loss to an extent. This promotes healthy weight management.

Walking, Stretching and even cycling on a recumbent bike are the best ways to let your muscles recover from fatigue.

Besides that, Foam rolling and Myofascial release using rollers, lacrosse balls, etc. are also essential during the recovery period.

Take a break to make progress – Incorporating rest periods in between every workout routine promotes healthy weight management.

Using Massage sticks and rollers helps to smoothen out the clogged scar tissues and accumulated adhesion structures. This, in turn, improves athletic ability and reduces the chances of injuries.

Including Various Types Of Exercise Regimes in the Routine

A single specific workout regime can become monotonous and boring over some time. Besides that, repetitive routine tends to stagnate the progress as the muscles and bones become habituated and used to the same routine.

Including different types of workout routines in the planner only ensures that the entire body is proactively involved in the program rather than a concentrated area.

Elliptical, treadmill and Recumbent Bikes are some of the exercise options that can be included in the routine in a cyclic pattern.

Studies have shown that including some of the best recumbent bikes for heavy people in the method will only ensure faster weight reduction.

Adding A Proper Dietary Routine To The Regime

No workout routine can ever be successful if you are dropping in for a pizza session after spending hours working out. An appropriate routine of workout should be paired with a perfect dietary regime.

Consulting a Nutritionist is often the best way to assess your dietary needs. Or else you can plan a right and balanced diet at home based on your everyday routine and day to day activities.

Designing your workout routine is easy. However, what matters is the correct implementation of the method without fail every day.

Even after your body starts showing improved results, this workout routine should not be stopped. Remember that a healthy body is a happy body that is free of illness.

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