The Battery Causes 30% Of Car Breakdowns In Summer

The summer heat is a great enemy of our vehicles which are available at Auto For
Trade, since high temperatures cause a large part of the mechanical incidents that
damage our cars in these summer months, with the battery being the one that suffers the
most. “AutoForTrade” buy used car in Kenya. This component accounts for neither more nor less than 30% of breakdowns,
according to the specialist in comprehensive vehicle care and maintenance Euromaster. In
addition, it must be taken into account that the battery this year may suffer more than due to
the long confinement due to coronavirus and the lack of use of vehicles during it.

In summer you have to pay close attention to engine problems derived from cooling, which
wrongly receives less attention than another fluid such as oil. Although it is behind only 4%
of the incidents, the maintenance of the refrigeration hardly costs 50 euros, but instead
suffering a breakdown related to this system can cost more than 1,000 euros, that is, 20
times higher.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain good refrigeration maintenance, since it also has
the particularity that, being in poor condition, it is not noticeable in short trips around the
city, but on the road and on a long journey it can manifest itself without time to react and
creating a serious general fault .

Checking the operation of the air conditioner

Another problem that can be underestimated by the driver and that is closely associated
with summer is air conditioning. Like refrigeration, it is a cheap device to maintain, since
the air conditioning load is around 50 euros, but expensive to fix, since the
single breakage of the compressor can force an outlay of 400 euros.

And since the air conditioning is checked, it is worth looking at the state of the cabin
filter , which barely costs 10 or 20 euros , but being exposed to the outside tends to get
very dirty easily and, therefore, ends up affecting the flow of air inside the car. This reduces
the efficiency of the system and does not help to create a warm atmosphere for driving, but
rather a warm one, becoming another risk factor for driving safety.

Another element that suffers especially in summer are the tires , since being subjected
to high temperatures they tend to increase pressure, generating a risk of blowout , with
the consequent risk of suffering a serious accident. Although it is not the most common
incidence on these dates (15% of the total), it is the one with the highest risk. That is why it
is extremely important to check the tire pressure in the workshop before a long road trip,
especially when it is a free operation.

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