5 Safe Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy time is the toughest time of all for a woman. Basically, exercise is good for all ages and all conditions of health depending on the effect. I have twins who are the most precious gift of my life.

While I passed the pregnancy time, I used to exercise to keep myself fit and prepared for childbirth. I have seen many of my relatives and friends have gone through only “Yoga” during their pregnancy time, as they were confused about what guidelines should be followed during that health condition.

My doctor advised me to exercise at least 60 minutes a day (30 minutes each in the morning and evening). At that time I was seriously having problems in sleeping and back pain.

My ankles were swelling and working out benefited me in boosting my mood and also helped me in declining pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, constipation, and nausea.

I am going to tell you about my safest way of doing exercise which my health care specialist suggested while I was expecting.


While I have gone swimming during my expecting time, I have seen many women like me also come for the same cause. It helped my body to be toned, lose extra weight and reduced the stress at joints.

It also facilitates me in increasing my heart rate and reduces overheating in my body. I have found swimming is safe as it reduces the risk of falling and same time I was prohibited from scuba diving or water skiing.

Make a splash with safe and enjoyable swimming during pregnancy.

Walking And Jogging

Before pregnancy, I used to go running or jogging for at least 2 hours daily in the morning. So I never quit walking and running during my expected time. I have found these workouts more enjoyable and beneficial. Before starting the day.

I always tried to make sure about the water bottle to drink so that I don’t get dehydrated. To reduce the risk of falling, I was wearing nice shoes.

A healthy pregnancy starts with safe exercise: Try walking and jogging.


As this exercise is reputed to decrease stress and body pain, I used to do it at least for 30 minutes. It helped me reduce morning sickness at day break. I never tried laying flat for a long time and overstretching.

Maintain a healthy pregnancy with gentle yoga exercises.

Indoor Cycling

It also kept me safe from the risk of falling on the ground. Though my doctor prescribed me to go for outdoor cycling, I never tried that as I always have fear to falling down from it. I thought the extra weight of my twin’s belly could have made it tough to maintain proper balance.

Recumbent Bike Exercise

Keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy with safe recumbent bike exercises!

The back support and the lounge seating have facilitated me during my expecting time. I could semi laid down near to the ground by stretching my legs; this position gave me maximum comfort.

It helped me improve my body flexibility, reduce my stress, and depression, maintain body weight eliminate pregnancy discomfort like; back pains, nausea, and fatigue. The more I did the workouts in the recumbent bike exercise machine the more peace I found.

These exercises helped me reduce the risk of having obesity prone baby. But definitely, I continued the exercise only with the doctor’s advice as I never wanted to compromise my baby’s health.

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