Why You Should Use An Elliptical Trainer

Among different fitness machines out there, the elliptical trainer is a special piece of equipment that gives you optimum benefits for your fitness goals. This machine provides cardiovascular workout benefits and can be used to achieve aerobic training without causing sprains on your joints. It is low-impact fitness equipment that mimics running without leaving you with any injuries or pains afterward.

Elliptical trainers are recommended for any age group even if you are above 50. It helps you burn calories if you are trying to shed some weight. You will find this machine in almost every gym around because of its usefulness. Having one at home is also not a bad idea to help tone those abs and give you the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Here are reasons why you should use an elliptical trainer. Sit back and prepare for an interesting read about the benefits of ellipticals and how much they are needed in your life.

Strengthen your Heart and Lungs

The elliptical trainer helps you in getting a good cardio workout also referred to as aerobic exercise, which is a vital part of a balanced fitness routine. Engaging in aerobic workouts allows your heart and lungs to work harder thereby supplying more oxygen and blood to your muscles. Your endurance and stamina are strongly built and your muscles become strengthened.

Strengthen your Heart and Lungs

You can perform cardio workouts and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) with an elliptical trainer. Your heart rate increases and you burn a lot of calories. You can achieve your weight loss plan if you burn more calories than the amount you consume daily.

Low-impact effect on your Joints

Athletes who sustained injuries and pains in their joints and muscles were excited to have a machine that would finally relieve their aching parts. The advent of the elliptical trainer brought joy to most sportsmen because of its ability to work the muscles without causing any damage.

When running on the track or performing other high-impact exercises, your ankles, knees, and hips receive terrible beating that may lead to severe injuries. Elliptical trainers help prevent wear and tear common with high-impact workouts. Weight-bearing exercises can be reduced with an elliptical workout which helps to eliminate osteoporosis.

Enjoy a Full-body Workout

The reason for recommending an upper-body workout is to spread your weight uniformly. Elliptical trainers are specially designed to provide lower and upper-body workouts. Only a few fitness machines have this functionality and the elliptical is one of them. The handlebars on an elliptical allow you to pump your arms while you are moving your legs simultaneously.

Working out only your lower body parts like it is with other fitness machines doesn’t give you the overall weight distribution required. With an elliptical, your hamstrings, glutes, back, shoulders, and chest are all targeted and toned perfectly.

Work Selected Muscles

Did you know you can target specific muscles in your body during a workout? Well, the elliptical trainer can help you achieve such goals. You can do this by adjusting the incline and resistance of the elliptical foot pedals. The difficulty level is thereby increased and you tend to exert more pressure on your chosen muscles.

Work Selected Muscles

Target selected muscles in your lower body like your calves, glutes, or quads and get them specially toned. If you increase the incline, you will feel the back of your legs burning and your quads tend to work harder if you raise the pedals. The direction of the pedals can even be reversed to help work your glutes and hamstrings better.

Ease of Use

The elliptical trainer has the advantage of being simple to operate. It will not take you long to learn how to operate it. However, you may need the expertise of a trainer or fitness specialist to show you how to use some controls and buttons.

If you have just acquired a new elliptical, start using the foot pedals only at the beginning. You may advance to using the handles when you become acquainted with the machine and its movement.

Wireless Programs and Features

The elliptical trainer is designed with amazing features and programs that make it user-friendly. There are a variety of workout programs equipped on the machine. Some of these programs resemble hill climbing where you can choose the level of incline you desire just by pressing a button.

Interval training functionality is another of the numerous programs available. There is a pause button that allows you to take short breaks for recovery during your workout sessions.

Additionally, there is a wireless heart rate monitor that records your heartbeat and how it increases as you work out. It tells you how fast or slow you are performing and how many calories you have burnt per session. There is a computer interface with a screen that allows you to have a memorable experience using the machine.

Final Thoughts

You now have reasons why you ought to work out on an elliptical at any given opportunity. It is a necessary fitness trainer that is required by both men and women of all ages and sizes. The benefits are far more than its drawbacks if there is any to contend with. It is a wonderful equipment that cannot be overlooked if you are planning to get in shape or keep fit and healthy.

The most amazing part is its dual-action capacity which incorporates both the upper and lower-body parts. There is no single trainer that can provide such complete workout benefits. The elliptical does not only give a full-body workout, it is a medium for experiencing relief from injuries sustained from other fitness machines or exercises.

I will recommend that you give it a try perhaps by using one in a public gym before going ahead to purchase one for yourself. You will surely have positive feedback on its usefulness.

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