7 Creative Cake Types Which Are Equally Delicious

A cake is probably the first word which comes into mind when one thinks about celebration. No celebration is complete without this sweet delicacies. We are familiar with so many cakes but have you heard about these below-listed cakes? In olden days, fried bread was served as a cake-like dessert but now there is a huge variety of creative cakes available. Below is the list of 8 delicious cakes trends which can be equally mouth-watering:

1. Naked and De-constructed Cakes

These cakes are perfect for special occasions as they are so beautiful in appearance. These cakes and desserts don’t have any frosting or icing on top and are quite literally ‘naked’. They look oh-so-lovely when dusted with icing sugar and topped with fresh fruits.

Naked and De-constructed Cakes

2. Half and Half Cakes

These are also known as Split Cakes. These creative cakes have two portions, one half is painted white and the other is made to look like it’s been peeled back to reveal what is underneath it. It is great for couples who find it difficult to choose between two cakes or the two halves can be used to represent different personalities of bride and groom. Each half is decorated with their favourite décor.

Half and Half Cakes

3. Candy-Filled/PINATA CAKES

Pinata cakes are creative and colorful and have some surprise in between the layers. The surprise could be of any type of candy, from gems and candies. Fill the cake with the special candies and they won’t even know what is in it until they cut it! These creative candy cakes are also popular at baby showers or gender reveals parties where the cake is stuffed with blue or pink candy.


4. Mirror Glaze Cakes

They are so called because one can see his/her reflection in the cakes. These cakes are so glossy and shiny. The sheen comes from a mixture of gelatin, sugar, water and food colour that’s poured over a frosted cake.

Mirror Glaze Cakes

5. Food Shaped Cakes

These cakes are especially for foodies. Cakes are formed in the form of burger, pizzas or whatever their favorite cuisine is.

Food Shaped Cakes

6. Hidden Pattern Cake

These cakes have design embedded on the layers and once the cake is cut, the hidden shape is revealed. These creative cakes can have the hidden shape of a heart, animal print or your favorite cartoon

7. Light Up Cake

These creative cakes have tiny lights placed along the periphery of cake making it more beautiful and lovely. These would be great for Christmas and New Year parties as well.

Enjoy such delicious cakes in the comfort of your home by placing an order cake online through any popular online bakery.

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