8 Tips For Using The Exercise Bike For The First Time

The best prescription for reverse aging is exercise, and there is no alternative to it.” – A true statement by someone who understands the power of exercise.

With the global pandemic induced lockdown, life has become more sedentary. Work from Home is the new norm and working out at the gym is a total no. Maintaining physical fitness has never been this difficult.

The exercise bike is excellent workout equipment. There are numerous benefits of having a stationary bike set up at home instead of shelling money and time at a gym. The primary benefits of installing Exercise Bikes at home includes –

  • Ability to cross-train whenever needed.
  • Low impact workout keeps the knees safe.
  • Absence of time constraints on duration and timing of the workout routine.
  • Economical as it is a one-time expenditure, unlike the expensive annual gym memberships.

However, as a beginner in Exercise Bikes, one must note a few essential tips to make the workout more effective and less injurious.

Stretch Every Single Time

Stretching is an essential component of any workout routine that many forget about. Our body is used to sudden stress. Sudden exertions on the musculature and bones can cause stress-induced soreness.

Stretching the body helps in loosening the muscles, joints, and ligaments into a relaxed state. This prevents body sores, accidental joint sprains, or ligament strains.

Keep Yourself Motivated With Peppy Music

Cycling for a long stretch can be monotonous and boring. Studies have shown that including peppy and groovy music helps in mood elevation.

The upbeat music diverts one’s attention towards happier thoughts and energizes one to continue with the routine. There are many specific playlists custom-designed for people to listen to when they are using exercise bikes.

Don’t Ever Forget Hydration

Hydration is the key to any workout routine. Exercise-induced dehydration is very dangerous after the effect that one should avoid at all times.

It is believed that drinking 7 to 10 ounces of water, half an hour before exercise is optimal. This should be followed by 5 to 7 ounces every 10 minutes or so during the entire workout duration.

Cycling is an aerobic exercise routine that evaporates a lot of fluids from the body that requires immediate replenishment. Water is rightly called the Elixir of Life. So, drinking water during a cycling routine essentially helps in keeping you alive and well.

Set Up Targets And Goals

Any workout routine takes time to show results. Nothing can happen immediately. Many times, the delay in the onset of effects can be demotivating. Exercise Bikes also works on the sample principle.

Setting up target milestones and final goals help one remain motivated to work towards achieving the goal. It is best to start low and gradually progress. Each time you surpass a milestone, ensure to give yourself a treat and continue pushing towards the next level.

Maintain A Steady Pace And Increase Gradually

One of the critical note factors every beginner should keep in mind is the Pace. Always make sure never to begin your exercise routine at a high speed.

Beginning the routine at such high speed will only tire you out and make you too exhausted even to continue. It is optimal to start at a lower speed where the resistance is minimal; gradually, the speed and resistance can be increased with time.

Set The Cycle At An Optimal Location

No one likes a dark and gloomy corner. Imagine if you have to exercise every day at one of the dullest corners of the house. It is undoubtedly a demotivating scenario.

Set your exercise bike on one of those spots that receive ample light and aeration. One of the best ideas is to put your bike somewhere close to an entertainment system like Television or Balconies.

Imagine working out as you watch your favorite show or seeing the beautiful view outside your home. That’s a morale boost for sure.

Learn The Basic Etiquettes Of Cycling On An Exercise Bike

It is essential to adjust the cycle before beginning the routine. The seat and pedal should be optimally positioned to prevent any discomfort or imbalance during cycling.

Always ensure there is a half a minute of rest period at regular intervals to allow your body to cool off and regain composure. Additionally, the heartbeat and pulse rate also normalizes during this relaxation break and helps one regain the lost energy. This rest stop is also known as Cool Down Period.

Always check for the optimal resistance level to start your routine. Once you become habituated with the resistance and speed level, you can change it to a higher order. The step by step change makes it easier for the body to build its strength and endurance level.

Be Consistent With Your Routine

Ensure that you dedicate a specific amount of time every day to the exercise bike. Muscle soreness and breathlessness can be a bother during the earlier days. However, with time, the routine becomes more comfortable to handle.

Maintaining consistency will ensure that you develop a habitual routine towards using the exercise bike.

Humans are intelligent beings and are always finding alternatives for any given dire situations. Hence the growing popularity of Exercise Bikes. They are easy to install anywhere at home without needing much space.

Additionally, Exercise Bikes provides a great Aerobic Workout routine without needing to get out of your safety cocoon. Investing in them is a very wise decision considering the current sedentary lifestyle we all have.

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