Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pedal Exercise

If you do moderate exercise regularly, you’ll ward off a host of diseases like- diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. You’ll have improved cardiovascular health and high energy levels throughout the day. You’ll not only be healthy, but productive at work too!

A pedal exerciser is an excellent fitness machine. You can stay fit and keep lifestyle-related diseases at bay. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of pedal exercisers-


Compact And Portable

pedal exerciser is great for those living in small spaces. It can be folded and moved for exercising on-the-go. It can be carried to your workplace and even be fitted under the desk to work out as you work!

Allows For Multi-Tasking

The best thing about these machines is that you can exercise while you are working. It is noiseless and can fit underneath your desk. You can exercise discreetly without disturbing your roommate or colleague. A sedentary desk job with long hours need not be unhealthy anymore.

Variable Resistant Settings For Your Fitness Goals

Like most other exercise machines, pedal exercisers have variable resistance settings. You can start with the most comfortable setting for you and increase the resistance as you become fitter and stronger.

Easy To Use

Pedal exercisers are easy to use for even the elderly. All you need is a flat, stable, non-slippery surface to position its base. Once placed, just step on it and start working out. Some models even have straps to prevent your foot from slipping off. Many users find the simplistic design convenient. It requires no complex setup or installation as they come ready to use.

Work Out Different Muscle Groups

You can target different muscle groups with the pedal exerciser. You can work out the glutes, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, flexors, and calves. With a stable countertop or a table, you can work out the shoulder muscles, triceps, forearms, and biceps. You can increase the resistance as you get stronger and fitter.

Great For Cardio-Vascular Wellness

This compact exercise machine is great for improving cardiovascular health. It helps keep your heart rate up and you breathe in lots of fresh air that is circulated all over your body by the fast-moving blood. A 30-minute session five days a week will do wonders for your cardiovascular wellness.

Aids In Weight Loss

Most pedal exercisers come with a calorie counter that helps you track the number of calories burnt. You can also wear wearables or install fitness tracking apps on your smartphone to track the calories you are losing. You can set fitness goals to help motivate you to shed weight.

Evaluate your energy requirements and plan a healthy diet. This when combined with moderate exercise, will help you shed weight.

Improves Your Mood And Productivity

Exercising stimulates the production of the feel-good hormones in our brain. This improves your mood increases energy levels, and enhances your productivity at work. You can always exercise during lazy afternoons at work to blow away the cobwebs and resume work rejuvenated.


When compared to other fitness machines such as ellipticals or recumbent bikes, pedal exercisers are extremely affordable. They are a great option if your wallet is light. They also make for an inexpensive second exercise machine for those who want more portability and variety.

Better Blood Circulation

As you exercise, your heart pumps blood faster and this pushes the blood faster throughout your body. This will supply all your tissues with fresh oxygen from the increased blood circulation. This increases the amount of energy that reaches the cell and helps rid the cells of the waste material. As a result, cell function increases and has a positive impact on your body overall.

Healthy Joints

Many people with sedentary lifestyles are at risk of developing arthritis and other joint problems. High salt and uric acid diets further exacerbate the problem. Regular moderate exercise with a pedal exerciser has positive benefits on your knee, ankle, and hip joints. This goes a long way in keeping your joints healthy.


  • They get uncomfortable and feel repetitive over time.
  • Tall people may face difficulties while using a pedal exerciser under the desk.
  • If you are sitting on a wheeled chair while exercising, it will move.
  • Cheap pedal exercisers may become noisy after some time, much to the annoyance of your colleagues or roommate.


From the above section, it is apparent that a pedal exerciser has more pros than cons. Most of the disadvantages, however, can be addressed. Pedal exercisers are one of the least expensive exercise machines.

They are invaluable for providing moderate exercise for those in a sedentary desk job. What’s more, their portability and ease of use make them ideal for those on the go.

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