Best Recumbent Trike Reviews 2024 With Buying Guide

Recumbent Trike is designed to be comfortable so that the rider can easily recline using the backrest and stretch out his legs and pedal along.

Using a  recumbent trike is also less arduous for the back than an upright bike and its sleek engineering makes it ideal for not just leisure but long rides too.

The posture a rider adopts while on the recumbent trike allows him to have an excellent workout so that his hamstring muscles and middle muscle tissues are well exercised.

No wonder it’s getting more popular everyday among the seniors, heavy weight riders or someone who wants a more relaxing ride.

There’s so much to know about the best recumbent trikes that it’s best to read all about them in recumbent trike reviews.

5 Best Recumbent Trike Reviews 2024

By presenting a list of five reviews of recumbent trikes for 2024, we’ve taken the hard work out of this task for you, so read on and decide.

Mobo Cruiser Shift 3-Wheel Recumbent Bicycle Trike

Enjoy the outdoors with this adult tricycle for men and women. Designed for cruising and exercise on flat paved surfaces and gently sloping terrain.

This three-wheeler bike for men and women can be a great source of fun and exercise. It’s the world’s first three-wheeler bike with reverse gear. This reverse gear function and its three-wheel mechanism and ergonomic restful backrest along with six angle settings make it fun to be on.

It is designed in the style of a tadpole recumbent trike.


  • Its rear wheel steering mechanism makes this trike distinctive. With this, you can increase energy in the muscles of the arms and legs and be active for years.
  • This 3-wheel recumbent trike is meant for cruising and working out on paved surfaces and gently undulating surfaces.
  • The cruiser is made of a highly durable Hi-ten steel frame. Its extendable frame comprises 10 slots that can accommodate riders varying from a height of 4 feet to 6 feet 3”.
  • Being chainless, maintenance is minimal.
  • Its other features include a free-wheel hub, safety flag, and caliper brakes and adjustable back support.
  • It offers riders maximum stability due to its low center of gravity.
  • With dual-joystick steering, riders can manoeuver the trike easily using basic hand movements.
  • It is ergonomically designed to have a reclining backseat which can be adjusted to six angle settings. It can take a maximum rider weight of 249 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 28” x 25.6” x 48”.
Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle For Men & Women

LOW IMPACT EXERCISE – Get a cardiovascular workout with minimal stress on your back and knees.

This recumbent beach cruiser tricycle gives you all the exercise you want with all the fun you crave.  It’s ideal for leisure rides, exercise, nipping down to the store or walking your dog. It comes to you with many features and is so attractively priced for it that it is better known as a budget recumbent trike.

The Mobo Triton is an adult recumbent trike that is also a special needs bike for adults with special needs such as autism, and those with problems concerning balance. It also helps deal with cerebral palsy, Aspergers syndrome, Down syndrome or any mental issues.


  • This 3-wheel recumbent bike is great to enjoy outdoors by men and women. Cruise on it or exercise on flat and paved surfaces or slightly undulating terrain.
  • Its innovative steering system helps enhance strength in the muscles of the arms and legs, besides also providing enjoyable rides and remaining active.
  • Since it has a low center of gravity, it offers great stability. It does not need any balance.
  • Give yourself a cardio exercise with the least amount of stress on your knees and back. A recumbent or reclined seat offers the most comfortable and cushioned support.
  • Its frame is made of robust Hi-ten steel frame which makes it durable. It comes with 10 slots to accommodate riders up to 6’3” in height.  The design does not incorporate any chain, thereby negating any maintenance.
  • Steering with dual joysticks helps in smoother maneuvering using basic hand movements.
  • It works on caliper brakes.
  • It is ideal for riders as short as 4’2” and as tall as 6’3” with a maximum weight of 249 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 28” x 29” x 48”.
Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike. Kids 3-Wheel Bike

KIDS RECUMBENT BIKE – Enjoy the outdoors with this easy-to-ride 3-wheeler for kids.

Here’s the best recumbent trike for kids who need a little bit more exercise. Like the others described above, this one is also engineered to cruise on even paved surfaces and on slightly sloping surfaces.

By using the Mobo Triton Pedal Go Kart Trike your child can enjoy the outdoors while also exercising himself. It is ideal for children aged between seven and 12 years.


  • The innovative rear wheel steering system of recumbent trikes increase eye-hand coordination and infuse more strength into the muscles of the legs and arms.
  • It also comes with a durable and adjustable Hi-ten steel frame comprising eight slots. These slots can accommodate varying heights of riders from 3′ 8″ to 5′ 2″. The durable steel frame ensures that the cruiser remains intact for many years.
  • Recumbent trikes are built to have a lower center of gravity than bicycles, barely 11” above the ground. This makes them more stable than their two-wheeled counterparts. So, riders can use these recumbent tricycles with confidence as no balance is required.
  • The machine can be maneuvered using basic hand movements and dual joystick steering.
  • Your kids can have a great cardio workout using the least impact. Its seat is in a reclining position makes it safer for use and more fun for kids to ride.
  • Kids will enjoy riding this unique looking trike with its large and comfortable seat and absence of chain. It also comes with an ergonomic design and trustworthy quality for fun and enjoyment.
  • Its other features include caliper handbrakes, 12″ rear wheels, 16″ front wheel with free-wheel hub, safety flag and inflatable rubber tires.
  • Product dimensions: are 26.5” x 25” x 41”.
Best Hand cycle

Invacare Top End 1181147 Force3 17" Seat

This is the perfect hand cycle if you’re looking to just get started in hand cycling

This tricycle is made with a wraparound frame design. It is ideal for anyone wanting to launch into hand cycling or practice for the next cycling competition. Its chief features are its wraparound frame design, an enhanced cable-powered parking brake, and an upper chain ring derailer.

Not only is it great for getting into handcycling, but it can easily be used by schools, teams, and clubs.


  • The Invacare has a sleek and firm wraparound frame and a transferrable seat height of 9”.
  • The other features of this adult recumbent tricycle include an erect backrest, a wheel size of 26-559 that offers a range of tire choices ranging from excellent road tires to cruiser and knobby tires. Its spare parts are usually available at all bicycle shops, thanks to its size which makes it easily replaceable.
  • It also comes with a chain guard, back cushions and seat, seat straps, disk brake and drafting bumper.
  • The cable-powered parking brake can be used with one hand.
  • It has a total of 27 speeds, components from Shimano and is highly adjustable. It is also equipped with a chain guard, safety flag, seat and back cushions, seat straps, drafting bumper and a disk brake.
  • This trike comes with two back rests—the reclining and the straight back. 

There are many features that set the 2017 TW-Bents Trident apart from its peers. For this reason, users of this product and peers acknowledge that it is the best recumbent trike for the money.

First, take its 100% 4130 Chromoly frame. The trike’s construction quality is so superior that its total look bears out its cost. It also has a number of novel features added, let’s look at them one by one.


  • The Trident’s folding frame is highly portable or can be made smaller for better storage.
  • The cycle chain is operated by Teflon chain tubes and some flexible rubber tubing. This makes it easy to fold or open your trike in less than 60 seconds.
  • This trike is smooth and light to handle. It lacks brake steer and pedal steer. It can also work well using only one hand on the handlebars at high speed.
  • The frame is made of aluminum.

Features To Consider When Choosing the Best Recumbent Trike

When you are looking for the best recumbent trike, choosing the right one is a little bit challenging. So, here we will provide some ideas that will help you make an informed decision.

Steadiness, Safety And Security

The three-wheel design of a trike makes it all the more steady and stable. Whats more, they also have a wide wheelbase at the back. So, you can’t fall over while getting off the trike, so rest easy. You can balance better on this bike than a conventional one, so you can easily move up a hill slowly without tipping over. This makes it steady, safe and secure.


The seats of trikes are so designed that they distribute your weight evenly across them. By doing this, you don’t experience any stress on your butt, particularly if you’re on the trike for a long period of time.

If you are comfortable on the trike, you can also burn more calories fairly effortlessly and can ride longer too.

Relaxing And Stress-Free

Since you are seated comfortably, you will work out much longer and end up burning more calories. The general user experience on a best recumbent trike is of being relaxed and stress-free since you are in a reclining position and comfortably seated.

Comfortable to Transport

Ease of use and stability are two main reasons why trikes are very popular in recumbent. There are various kinds of folding trikes available in the market. Among them, a folding trike is more comfortable to transport.

Wheel Size And Wheelbase Length

You must know that larger wheels have more efficiency than smaller ones. If you have a trike with small wheels, you will have a hard time in gravel and dirt. Therefore recumbent trike with more substantial wheels is always convenient.

Yes, wheelbase is one of the essential features you have to notice in choosing a trike. A long wheelbase provides a smooth ride while riding on gravel roads when lighter and short wheelbase is more responsive and difficult for riding. Select the right size of your trike according to your body size and make sure the seating position offers you comfort.

Choosing The Perfect Fit

Now that you have a ringside view of a few chosen trike models, all that remains is for you to take that one important step of choosing the one that suits you best. There are also features for people of different builds and sizes.

From the size of the frame, you can tell the actual size of the tricycle. This will tell you how far apart the different parts are from each other.

The distance from one part of the trike and another may not mean anything to you until you sit on the trike and reach out for the pedals and find that you can’t get your feet in there.

Types Of Recumbent Trikes

Broadly, there are two kinds of recumbent trikes –

  • Delta Recumbent Trikes.
  • Tadpole Recumbent Trikes.

USS (Underseat Steering) vs. OSS (Over Seat Steering): Which is The Best

Modern Recumbent Trikes come with both USS and OSS steering system. You need to choose the suitable one for you. Check out all the advantages and disadvantages of a USS and OSS that you need to know very well before making your decision.

USS (Under Seat Steering)

Do you have any issues with the shoulder, arm, and wrist? If your answer is yes, we recommend you to choose a Recumbent Trike with Under Steering System.


USS is preferable for them who are looking for relaxation and upper body comfort. With a USS system, you can keep your shoulders and arms on a relaxed position without more aching arms and wrists, even when you are on the go.


The USS trikes are wider than the USS due to the under seat handlebars, which creates an issue to walk around in some tight places such as doorways.

Sometimes it gets more complicated than other simple-handling designs. As a result, some riders find the USS less easy to get used to after trying an OSS trike.

OSS (Over Seat Steering)

If you are going to use a Recumbent Trike for the first time, choose an OSS trike for your very first ride.


Most of the vehicles provide a steering system over the seat, so you will get used to it easily with OSS trikes in no time.

Furthermore, this steering system lets you run slightly faster than other USS Trikes.

You will feel comfortable to get in or out of the OSS trikes; even also you can walk around it through a narrow space easily, as you have to push on the handlebars. USS model is less expensive than USS trikes.


The seat is reclined, and the handlebars are adjusted high, so riders with short heights need to struggle sometimes for operating the handlebars.

It requires proper cable maintenance.

In conclusion, if your pocket permits you to afford the USS one and if you have medical issues, you should go for it because you will never feel any shoulder pain even after a long ride. If you already have shoulder pain, then the USS steering system does not increase it.

Are Trikes More Stable?

When it comes to three wheels, the vehicles do not skid, nor lie down on the road. Always provide the ultimate stability. A pedal-powered tricycle is always the best choice, where the hard acceleration is not the primary concern. All types of trikes, mostly the Tadpole Trikes, are famous and popular for its better stability.

Center of Mass – Most of the pedal-powered tricycles are recumbent, so the mass of the center is always low enough, which keeps you safe during braking in a sharp turn. This low center mass ensures excellent stability with a better ability to turn and brake.

Wheels – A two-wheeler rider may fall, or the vehicle may skid in turn. But in the case of three wheeler Trikes, there is no chance to lean into a sharp turn also. The front wheels tend to be stronger against the side load, which makes the trike more stable than a bicycle.

Brakes – In the Tadpole design of trikes, you will find a brake lever on each hand to operate the brake according to your needs. These sturdy brakes avoid the skidding problem, keep your heavy-weight trike stable in turn, also lets you side-slip within your control, if desired.

Generally, it does not configure any break for rear wheels, so it will not be able anyway to put additional braking. But in case of hard or emergency braking, a few trikes may skid; but the front portion of these trikes never vault over. This facility also helps to reduce the chances of accidents.

Starting and stopping of a trike is much easier than two wheeler bike or bicycle. You need not place your foot on the ground; also there is no need of a stand leg to make the trike as stable as two-wheelers. It does not require any support even while standing at a place. A trike is always stable enough for racing, riding, or daily use.

Are Recumbent Trikes Faster Than Other Bicycles?

Yes, The Recumbent Trikes moves faster on a flat trail than a standard road bike, though options vary. These recumbent bikes set the trend to win most of the bicycle races in 1934. Most of the Recumbent Trikes are pedal-powered so, the speed will be determined according to your fitness level.

A recumbent rider’s body will stay more horizontally than other upright rider’s which reduces the resistance power of the wind that works against your motion.

Also, you will get much more energy to pedal on them than the upright one; as a result, you will find that you are moving faster than other standard bicycles.

Most of the human-powered vehicles are rapidly using advanced Aerodynamics technology in this modern era to become the fastest one. However, the trike industry is using smaller front wheels, also increasing the seat angle to take advantage of aerodynamics.

Weight lifting is one of the main factors for any types of human powered vehicles. Keeping this point in mind, Tadpole configuration comes with two wheels in the front section that equally distributes the weight between them to increase the speed.

The recumbent trikes will be able to beat other human-powered vehicles easily in term of speed as it uses the efficient Aerodynamic strategy. Usually, the aerodynamic recumbent trikes have already touched the fastest category all over the bicycle world.

Cartrike 700 is always preferable for its high speed and extreme comfort. The 700c rear wheels provide smoother and speedier riding than others. It is the fastest recumbent trike that can easily beat other bicycles in term of speed.

Recumbent trikes are a perfect blend of comfort, safety, stability and of course, speed. If you are primarily looking for these facilities, you must go for the trikes without a second thought.

Are Recumbent Trikes Safe?

One of the most commonly heard misconceptions about Recumbent trikes is that it is a very unsafe method of riding due to its extremely lowered height. Contrary to the rumor, Recumbent Tike is much safer option than riding a normal bike.

Yes, Trikes are not normal to most drivers, but they definitely are a safer option for a few reasons.

If you are planning to get yourself a recumbent trike, you can be sure about an important aspect. Recumbent trikes draw a lot of attention while on the road, so it is imperative that vehicles however fast, will slow down to check the trike and this, in turn, increases the safety of the trikes on the road.


The design of a Recumbent trike is based on a simple aerodynamic principle that allows the vehicle to smoothly cut through the wind and air like a bird or a plane. This makes it easier for the rider to move through windy situations quickly.


Even though recumbent trikes are two-wheelers, the lower ground clearance makes it a much safer option than a bike.


Trikes are also a better and safer option for riding enthusiasts who suffer from ailments like Arthritis and other lower joint diseases, and people with partial disabilities. Since the pressure on the knees and ankles are significantly reduced, the trike is regarded as a more comfortable option than a recumbent bike.


People suffering from Parkinsonian and other neurological disorders have difficulty in maintaining a proper anatomical balance often. Riding a bike is a precarious option for these individuals.

However, due to the lowered height of a trike and the more comprehensive seating arrangement makes a trike a feasible alternative to ride for them.

Considering the above factors, trikes have a few advantages over bikes. However, we cannot forget that there always will be certain factors that can compromise safety.

Safety on descents especially is more a matter of your state of mind than any objectively measurable phenomenon.

So, It is always best to be careful of adversities also and be prepared to handle them in spite of a 99% safety assurance.

Dr. Mirkin say, If you’re 60, 70, 80 or any age, try a Trike!

Follow These Benefits Of Trikes: 7 Major Benefits of Recumbent Trikes.

Is a Recumbent Trike Good for Seniors?

A recumbent trike can be a good option for seniors who are looking for a low-impact, stable form of exercise. The recumbent design allows for a relaxed posture and provides good back and joint support, making it easier to use for those with limited mobility or balance issues.

Additionally, the trike’s three-wheeled design can provide additional stability compared to a traditional bicycle. It’s also important to choose a trike with a high weight capacity and sturdy frame to accommodate their size and weight.

Can Recumbent Trikes Go Uphill?

Yes, recumbent trikes can go uphill. The ability to ride uphill depends on several factors such as the trike’s design, gear ratio, and rider’s strength and endurance.

Some recumbent trikes are equipped with multiple gears to make it easier to climb hills, while others may have limited or no gears, making it more challenging to go uphill. The rider’s level of fitness and strength will also play a role in their ability to ride uphill on a recumbent trike.

It’s important to keep in mind that riding uphill on a recumbent trike may require more effort and effort than riding on flat terrain, but it can also provide a great cardiovascular workout. As with any new physical activity, it’s recommended to start slowly and gradually increase difficulty to avoid injury.

Are Recumbent Trikes Slow?

Recumbent trikes can be slower or faster than traditional upright bicycles depending on several factors such as design, gear ratio, rider ability, and terrain.

Ultimately, the speed of a recumbent trike will depend on the specific design and how it is used by the rider. It’s possible for a recumbent trike to be slow or fast, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Recumbent trikes have a more relaxed riding position, which can make them more comfortable for longer rides. However, the laid-back design can also make it harder to generate the same level of power and speed as an upright bike.

Additionally, the weight and size of the trike, as well as the number of gears, can also impact its speed. Some recumbent trikes are designed for leisurely rides and may have limited or no gears, making them slower on hills and inclines. Other trikes are designed for performance and speed and may have multiple gears and lightweight frames.

How Do You Carry a Recumbent Trike?

Carrying a recumbent trike can be a challenge, as it is typically larger and heavier than a traditional bicycle. Here are a few options for transporting a recumbent trike:

  • Trike Trailer: A trailer specifically designed for carrying recumbent trikes can be attached to a vehicle for easy transportation.
  • Roof Rack: A roof rack or bike carrier can be mounted on top of a vehicle to securely carry a recumbent trike.
  • Pick-up truck bed: A recumbent trike can also be transported in the bed of a pick-up truck, either directly or on a rack designed for this purpose.
  • Disassemble: Another option is to disassemble the trike into smaller components and transport it in a van or large SUV.

When choosing a method of transportation, it’s important to consider the weight and size of the trike, as well as the availability of storage and transportation options. It’s also important to secure the trike properly to prevent damage while in transit.

A Word of Caution

Ill-fitting trike size can affect your riding to a great extent. Another demerit of making a wrong choice is that it forces you into an awkward position while riding. This could cause aches and cramps once you get off the trike.

It could also reduce the safety levels and the stability of the trike while you’re on it. The reason you need to choose the perfect one is that it gives you the best mounting and dismounting experience, comfort, balance, easy pedaling and healthy posture. Your weight is also an important factor—after all, the trike should be able to take it.


Tricycles aren’t just for kiddies, but the latest ones in the market prove that even adults can use them—in fact, many of them are made for seniors.

Toddlers learning all about stability and seniors wanting low impact cardio workouts can get all they can from these trikes, including a great time on them.

If you would still like to know more about them, read a few more best recumbent trike reviews and find out actual users’ opinions on them before making an informed decision.

These trike reviews can help you choose and give you a few more tips on what to expect from the trike you buy and maintaining it.

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