How To Do Cardio Exercise On Exercise Bikes?

“The biggest battle the world is fighting against today is Obesity.”

This quote holds an alarming meaning. Obesity may seem like a harmless hassle, but in reality, it is way more profound and destructive than one can imagine.

Winning against Obesity requires dedication and hard work. This is where Cardio exercise routines come into play. Cardio is one of the best aerobic exercise routines that burn fat at a breakneck pace and effectively too.

Exercise Bikes are one of the most common and preferred choices of Aerobic or cardio training regimes. The variations in the type of exercise bikes. This gives a broader range of possibilities and experiments one can use Exercise bikes for.

In the case of the non-strenuous cardio regime, Recumbent Bike is the most preferred choice. For regular Cardio routine where strain is not an issue, Upright Bikes are the preferred choice.

Recumbent Bikes are suitable for people who have back, shoulder, or knee injuries. Since the entire upper body is in a relaxed and supported position, there is no added weight on the lower body.

The use of a recumbent bike makes exercise less strainful for the knees and hip joints. It is one of the most preferred routines for physical rehabilitation routines. It helps in improving the strength and stability of lower body joints.

Upright bikes emphasize stress on the lower body joints alongside the hips and backbone. This promotes a faster toning of musculature and calorie loss. People with minimal bone health issues prefer upright bikes.

Deciding The Right Exercise Routine Follow

proper plan is always necessary before beginning any method. Post a thorough body analysis, and a framework needs to be created. This framework will consist of a few aspects like:

  • Frequency of exercise.
  • Duration of each cycle.
  • Core areas of the body that needs prioritization.

Once the framework is created, and the routine is finalized, it is time to start the Cardio routine.

Wear The Right Clothes And Shoes

Step up your workout game with the right shoes and clothing. Stay cool and focused with breathable materials and the right accessories.

Any exercise routine creates an ample amount of sweat, so it is important to wear breathable clothing. Individual support wears like braces, sports bra for women, headbands, and anklets should be worn to avoid any mishaps.

Shoes are the basic essential one should invest in before starting any workout routine. Proper shoes not only support the ankle and the sole but also provides a buffer for equal bodyweight distribution.

Special shoes for Supination are available that prevent abnormal pronation from occurring during exercise.

Warm-Up The Muscles And Loosen The Bones

Muscular cramps and sprains are common injuries during any Cardio routine. This occurs if the muscles and bones are not warmed up and loosened before the routine.

15 to 20 minutes of stretching and light body movements improve the fluidity of the muscles and bones. This will prevent accidental cramps or sprains during exercise.

Start Slow And Gradually Increase The Speed

Give time to your body to acclimatize to the routine. Start at a slower rate and gradually increase it. Once you are comfortable with the pace, maintain a constant gradient. Ensure to increase the speed every few days.

This will help in building the overall endurance and also gradually increase the calories burnt. The slow increase of speed also prevents sudden muscular or bone sprains and cramps.

Do Not Compromise On The Posture

Posture is an essential aspect of any exercise. It is vital to maintain an erect backbone while working on an upright bike. Improper posture can cause pain and distortion of the bone. Besides the spine, incorrect posture also affects the lower hip and Upper limbs too.

Adjust Your Pace/Resistance

Strive for balance in your workout routine by adjusting both pace and resistance incrementally.

It is essential to adjust the pace or resistance in a gradual increment of 3 to 4 slots. Once the correct baseline is decided, increase or decrease the resistance level from that exact point.

Resistance helps in deciding the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) which determines the resistance baseline of any cardio workout routine.

Maintain A Steady Recovery Interval Period

The body always needs time to recover during any regime. The recovery period helps in preventing fatigue and lactic acid buildup. However, the recovery interval can be gradually decreased over a while. On average, three days of exercise can be followed by one day of rest.

Cardio exercise on Exercise Bikes has been known to be one of the best and most effective workout routines. It has multiple benefits and with almost no disadvantages at all.

Cardio workout routine solely using Exercise Bikes has been known to have produced results that are equivalent to exercise routine using various types of equipment at once.

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