Best Aerobic Workouts From Recumbent Bike: A Personal Experience

Aerobic exercise is good for the heart, my health instructor said. From a research, the American Heart Association stated that the risk of chronic disease can be minimized if you continue doing moderate to high intensity aerobic exercise for 20 minutes each day for 5 days a week.

I was not surprised to know that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death for US citizen.

Let’s learn about some benefits and consequences of doing regular aerobic exercise with and without equipment help. No question that it’s one of the best forms of workout.

It provides safety to your heart, lungs, arthritics, lower the cholesterol, balanced the blood pressure, decrease body fat and give you feeling of well-being by enhances the heart endurance.

Since I am a regular member of my nearby exercise training institute and I have attended diverse seminars and group discussions about health issues.

I have learned about some side effects of doing this type of workouts with and without a gym kit. I personally faced a certain risk of health inconveniences and today I want to share this experience.

Muscle And Joint Pain

Pedal your way to fitness success with these recumbent bike workouts that reduce muscle and joint pain.

When I was doing workouts with heavy equipment like indoor spinning, treadmills, stair climbers etc, I ended up with sore joints and trauma. I also have seen people with previous injury are struggling a lot to do aerobic exercise.

Imagine, you have knee joints pain then how will you continue exercising in elliptical machine type kits? And how you can ignore the exercise as your target is to lose fats and body weights.

High Intense Workouts

Pushing your limits with high-intensity recumbent bike workouts.

Exercise like swimming, running, participating in singles tennis, muscle stretching can create extreme skin infections, rashes, aches and can hurt ligaments because all are forms of aerobic exercise. Losing too much weight suddenly can have impacts negatively to your metabolism.

Physical Limitation

What happen if you are over 50 years of age and inactive in your lifestyles? Can you participate in these exercises? Or you may have physical disability and that may limit your ability to continue weight bearing exercise.

It Can Get Boring

With all high intensity workouts you may feel bored at some time. I was only tracking the physical performance and doing the things to get it done. So at certain time I start feeling fed up.

Rather when I begin with recumbent bike, I found that I can do lots of fun while riding as my hands remain free and it reduces my fear from falling to ground.

Safety And Fear Itself

Sometimes it becomes a prime concern when starting with aerobic workouts. Performing rigorous exercise you may need perfect shoes, helmets, etc to minimize the risk of injury.

Luckily I have got some low intensity workouts with a recumbent exercise bike and I am so comfortable that I simultaneously can carry two dumbbells while paddling the bike. The back seat and the sitting position are so safe that it reduces the threats to be grounded.

I have found the bent is designed in such a way that I have to sit a little lower and near to the ground. And my legs are stretched infront with little blend. That is the main reason that cycling at outdoor is alike exercising in this bent and the benefits are even more.

In hence I got best cardiovascular exercise and I could track my health improvements in regards to increase my overall body strength.

To me, now I don’t fear of any limitations of doing aerobic exercise. I will wait excitedly to listen some of your acquaintance with this workout style.

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