5 Workout Tips of Recumbent Exercise Bike

Exercising on a recumbent bike on regular basis will give your body a better shape by burning calories in comfortable and safe way.

This machine does not put extra stress on your keens, back and hips but you have to know the ideal workout tips to make the most from this gorgeous exercise machine.

Using the machine ineffectively will not bring you much. So don’t just sit and paddle on the machine for long without a strategic plan. It will make you bored if you can’t bring results from this bike.

I am going to discuss some of the tricks through which you can maximize your outcome like burning fat and of course without losing entertainment.

Warm Up And Stretch Your Body

This is basically the pre work of starting any exercise. You need to warm up and stretch your body before going in to the war. It will increase your body temperature and loosen your muscles. Besides you will be safe from injury.

Truck rotations, lunges, toe touches, leg swings and squats are some of the exercise you can start with. Better to spend 5 minutes or more warming up your body.

Adjust The Bike Seat

I have seen most people don’t want to adjust the exercise seat; they just jump on the machine. It won’t take too many seconds to adjust the seat. Give emphasis on sliding your seat a little forward or backward.

So that it increases the effectiveness of your exercise. If you don’t adjust the seat, you cannot enjoy the full range of motion correctly.

Stop & Start Pedaling Right Away

Though you have stretched your body, don’t just start paddling like a mad. Your body is still not prepared to take the pressure. Spend about 5 minutes paddling your bike.

I start from a very low speed and gradually I increase the speed. Before going to real workout again I stand up after 5 minutes and warm up once more with a little exercise. It maintains my blood circulation and helps to fit my body with the workload.

Fixing The Resistance

A recumbent bike comes with great features as setting the proper resistance. Normally the beginners confused themselves not considering the importance of the right resistance level.

They tend to pick too hard or too low. If you set higher resistance, it will put extra pressure on your legs making them larger, but remember it will not increase the heart rate which will fail to burn more calories.

Don’t be confused!! The right option will be to start with a light level and step by step increase to the harder level so that the speeds of your paddling increase and faster paddling will boost your heart rate.

Select The Right Duration And Keep Proper Form

Don’t lean too forward. Sit like it will keep your back aligned and straight. Use the handles on the sides to maintain the proper position. It’s also important that you take a break after a long duration.

I usually take a little rest after 30 minutes of cardio workout. It helps me to keep continuing the exercise for a long time without monotonous feelings.

This exercise is the most beneficial to your health, so maintain a proper plan to get the most out of the recumbent exercise bike. No matter how old you are, make your workout time more enjoyable and live a happy healthy life.

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