How to Convert Exercise Bike Miles to Steps?

Well, not everyone prefers to opt for walking as their core exercise. Many cyclists out there are keen to pedal their way towards a healthier version of themselves. But, one curious question that keeps on knocking every time is how many steps would it be if I walked instead of cycling?

So, exercise bikes provide a great session without getting your knees or ankles hurt! Thus, for all those with bad knees, sprained ankles prefer something light and effective for your workout option.

How to Convert Exercise Bike Miles to Steps

Here’s how you can convert exercise bike miles to steps:

We have rounded up 3 effective methods that give you the number of steps covered.

Method 1:

Start simple:

Suppose you have been cycling for the past hour. So, one hour of cycling at a moderate speed earns a step count of approximately 10,000 steps!

So, keeping that as your reference, you can roughly estimate by converting your cycling hours into step count.

So, in this case, if I cycle for about half an hour practicing moderate intensity, then, I can say that my step count will be 5,000!

As many of the health and wellness experts suggest to walk 10,000 steps a day, it is beneficial for you to check on your walking routine. Thus, if you are not a big fan of the concept called “walking”, then, pedal your way to a healthier life with an exercise bike. So, you can gradually improvise yourself by pedaling hard to live a healthy lifestyle.

Method 2:

Grab a smart Fitbit, Apple watch, or any other health tracker and fix it on your leg. Follow this method if you are keen on tracking your footsteps in a faster and quicker way. However you should know that you might be losing your other important aspects like heart rate, number of calories burnt, etc.

Method 3:

If you are keen to dig deeper and learn how this conversion works, then, hop on board. We shall walk you through the process in detail.

For this, you need to swiftly gather some accessories.

Things you need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • And you!

Step 1:

Spread your feet and hips width apart and mark your initial position

Step 2:

Now, walk casually for 10 steps and stop.

Step 3:

Now, carefully mark your position after walking for 10 steps

Step 4:

Now, all you have to do is to measure the distance covered. Take a measuring tape and measure the gap between the initial position and the final position.

Step 5:

Say, if your total distance walked is 25 feet, then, get your average stride length by simply dividing it by the number of steps taken i.e., 10.

So, referring to the number of steps taken, you will get your distance covered per feet 25/10=2.5 ft.

Now that you have your average stride length, you can proceed towards converting your miles covered on the exercise bike into feet.

Step 6:

Having a full-time assistant helps here! You can browse your smartphone to get the details of the conversion. If you are in a hurry and don’t want to dive deep to do the math, just multiply 5280 and get your conversion done in seconds!

Step 7:

Now divide the total number of feet by your average stride length to get the magical number you were waiting for!

Let me give you an example here. Suppose you have cycled for say, 5 miles, then, multiplying with 5280 will give you the total feet of:


Dividing the total feet by your average stride length:

26,400/2.5=10,560 steps!

Measure your average stride length. Well, that should be around 2.2 ft to 2.55 ft as per our expert research. Calculate your step count and get going!

Work on yourself, take it slow, and push yourself to reach the target for a healthier, happier lifestyle!

Now that you are mastered in the art of calculating your step count, let’s brush it up on the benefits of exercise bikes. This will encourage you to pace up your speed and start pedaling harder to accomplish your health goals!

Benefits of exercise bike:

  • Best way to amplify your heart rate
  • Fat burner for a reason
  • Helps in your weight loss journey
  • Low-impact, highly effective workout
  • Safe, easy, and fun!
  • Boosts your lower body and muscles by pumping in strength

Just as with eating, our body needs timely exercise too. Well, for those who find their exercise time annoyingly boring, it’s time to switch your focus towards exercise bikes!

As the content speaks for the conversion of miles covered into step count, you can achieve a simple yet entertaining time on your way toward a healthy, happy routine!

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