Fat Burning Exercise On Recumbent Bike: (The Beginner’s Guide)

I get rid of my fat pants for good but dropping these extra weights was not so easy. Besides the benefits are huge which someone won’t see coming at the first time. Less weight helps to snoozing-less sleep, better hormonal balance, boost testosterone levels, better mood, less joint pain and even glow the skin brightness.

I know because I have gone through this. I am using recumbent exercise machine for 5 years and finds very useful in burning my fat. The cardio workouts will enhance the heart beat and promote weight loss.

Saddle up for a fat-burning ride on the recumbent bike!

Before Losing Fat I Had To Know About The Bike

  • The seat is a bit lower to get a good seating balance.
  • To protect my head, neck, and back I will get a back protector.
  • I found the seat very comfortable.
  • I got sitting comfort like a chair with a high back.

How I Start And Maintain The Workout In Recumbent Bike

I did not neglect the need to warm up and cool down. Before starting the workout I always start with some free hand exercise. These startups gave me the strength to carry on the exercise for a longer period of time. Before jumping on the bike directly, I usually let my body heat cool for a further 1 minute after the free hand exercise.

  • Once I warm up and my muscles are loosening, then I start the real workout.
  • Since I have been doing exercise since my childhood, I did not find the necessity to go to a trainer for suggestions. Yet interval training is so important for first time movers. Switching between exercise style and equipment may not suit everyone’s strength. Since this type of bike comes with different levels of resistance, it might be difficult for someone and if there is any mismatch, even it can cause severe muscle pain.
  • Reading the user manual and following the guidelines will always provide necessary important information and those will be beneficial to health. So I followed the instructions.
  • On the very first day, I did not start like a robot to carry on the workouts for a long time, in rather first few days I did the workouts for 20 minutes and gradually I increased the time of exercise. Experts suggest starting slowly; this will help to cope with the body’s stamina and will help to prepare the body to bear training for a long time.
  • Most importantly when I started at the beginning, I set the resistance level to lower so that I had to paddle more to increase my heartbeat. The lower level will require putting less pressure on the paddle.
  • Then I started to balance the resistance level from soften to harder with maintaining the proper rhythm. I know, that sudden increases will put extra pressure on the back and muscles which will lead to severe pain in the back or neck. When I feel this level becomes easy then I set to the next level. It increases to keep burning fat.
  • Every after 20 minutes of workout I used to take rest for 3 to 4 minutes and then start again. I gradually add 5 minutes to my daily workout.

If I had any health related issues, especially to my back and neck, I surely would have been visited by a specialist. Still, regularly I am doing this workout and this plan of action helps me to burn enormous amounts of fat.

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