Pros & Cons of Long Distance Riding on a Recumbent Trike

Maybe you have come across a recumbent trike rider, and the idea of trying one can’t seem to leave your mind. No doubt they pick a significant amount of attention, but they sure look fun.

The design of the recumbent trikes makes them comfortable and easy to ride. As such, the three-wheeled machines are gathering some dust, especially among the long-distance riders.

It is now not unusual to find a handful of riders along the way, and they sure seem to enjoy it. Standard bikes come with aches and pains, especially when riding for long distances.

But are the trikes worth the hype? In particular, what are the pros and cons of long-distance riding on a recumbent trike?

Pros & Cons of Long Distance Riding on a Recumbent Trike

Pros Of Long Distance Riding on a Recumbent Trike:


The laidback aerodynamic position of the trikes is very comfortable. It efficiently distributes your weight across the seat, and your main task is to concentrate on the peddling. The only discomfort is on your feet.

You will not experience waist pain as they no longer have to bear any weight. No more neck pain as well, as you will adopt a more natural position. You may experience some butt muscle pain, but it eventually wears off as you ride longer.

The feet eventually get tired. However, you get used to it and ultimately enjoy the ride. People who are making the transition from regular bikes will appreciate the comfort.


The fun factor may be a matter of personal preference. However, if your goal is to enjoy the ride regardless of the speed, then the recumbent trikes are fun.

The fun part comes from easy riding without the associated joint pains. There’s much fun riding across the countryside, enjoying the wind in the summertime. Unfortunately, they may not be much fun if your goal is speed. They are a bit slower than the two-wheeled trikes.


This factor may be a two-edged sword depending on your perspective. For some people, the notice only adds to the fun of riding the trike.

It is interesting to see people stop what they are doing and watch as you pass by. People will express much glee to the trike, and they may start a conversation with you. It is a sure way to make new friends.

Unfortunately, much attention may interfere with your speed, and you may take longer to reach your destination.


Nobody wants to encounter an accident, but trikes are a more reliable option than standard bikes. Unlike their counterparts, chances of hitting the ground head first are minimal. You are more likely to land on your feet.

Furthermore, recumbent trikes are more stable, and losing balance is almost impossible. If it happens, then the worst-case scenario is landing on your butt. Not your head.

You also get a better forward view than traditional bikes. Therefore, you can focus on the road as you don’t have to think about balance.

Riding on a Recumbent Trike

Cons Of Long Distance Riding on a Recumbent Trike:


The fact that recumbent trikes are not popular makes the cost of production to be high. Such cost transfers to you as the buyer. Likewise, the cost of maintenance is not low.

Chain replacement may cost you more than you may be prepared for.


regardless of your perspective, a recumbent trike is slower than a two wheel bike. You may enjoy the ride, but you will be slower and get to the finish line after everyone else. Typically, recumbent trikes are not for speed junks.


Recumbent trikes are not very popular. As such, it is not unusual to find yourself alone on the road. It is sometimes fun riding as a group, and you will miss out as a lone rider.

Less Maneuverability

Without a doubt, recumbent trikes are not very flexible. They are hard to maneuver especially in off-road situations.

You cannot shift your weight to change direction as you do with a regular bike. You may not be able to avoid specific barriers. There are also fewer places where you can place your cargo.

Unwanted attention

To be honest, recumbent trikes are weird. You will get so much unwanted attention that it slows you down. It may also be irritating. People will want to touch your recumbent bike and may even take photos of you.

They may also bug you with questions about how it feels and how much it costs. You may even get some people that want to ride your bike, and which can only be uncomfortable. It may feel awkward to say no.

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