What Is A Recumbent Trike And Why You Should Have One?

Do you have an injury on your back or neck that keeps you from enjoying an upright bike ride? Or do you feel that the regular upright bikes are a little too uncomfortable for you?

Well, if that is the case, then you need a more comfortable option – something like a recumbent trike. You have probably come across a few recumbent trikes here and there, and one thing that may have come to your mind is, how comfortable they look.

You are not wrong as recumbent trikes are some of the most comfortable tri-cycles you will come across.

More specifically, the tricycles feature a comfortable reclined seat with perfect aerodynamics that makes it possible to ride for a long time. You can pedal the trike all day if you like without feeling the joint discomfort that characterizes upright bikes.

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Long Distance Riding on Recumbent Trike

But why should you have a recumbent trike?


Recumbent trikes have a low center of gravity that provides adequate stability. As a result, chances of tipping over are minimal. You can ride on sloped terrain and negotiate tight corners comfortably without falling over and sustaining an injury.

Furthermore, the three-wheel design allows you to focus more on the road rather than on maintaining balance.


Of course, anyone can ride a recumbent trike. The learning curve is not so much like the traditional bikes where you must learn how to balance and use the pedals at the same time.  Everyone has a few scars to show from learning and riding upright bikes.

In contrast, you only need to learn how to shift the gears and use the handbrake – not a hard thing to do. If you ask some people, learning to drive a car was more comfortable than learning how to use a bike.

The pedals on recumbent trikes are in front, where you can see your feet while in motion. The design allows you to control the movement of your legs and make pedaling easy. It is much like any other task that you need your vision for efficiency.

For example, it is much easier to slice tomatoes when you are seeing them as you can focus on the task.

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And talking of efficiency, climbing hills is such a breeze with recumbent trikes. Typically, the sitting position allows you to use your leg muscles adequately without having to tire quickly. The upright bikes do not enjoy this advantage unless it features some gears for different terrains.

Recumbent trikes come with MTB gearing, which together with the pedal position make movement in hilly terrains, a walk in the park. You can shift to a lower gear range and enjoy climbing hills. It is fun to use a recumbent trike – don’t you think so?

The regular bike riders may overtake you on level ground, but you will catch up with them on hilly terrain.

Another good reason to own a recumbent trike is that you can maintain any speed without the risk of tipping over. They are therefore useful in high traffic areas, something that you can’t say about their counterparts. Standard bike riders must maintain a speed of at least 3 to 4 miles per hour to ensure efficiency and avoid falling over.

The recumbent trikes are also ideal for those who crave speed. You see, the reclined design reduces weight resistance, and you can achieve top speed with minimal effort. Think of the streamlining in some car models like the Porsche.

Also, mounting and dismounting the recumbent trikes is as comfortable as it can get. The low seat position allows easy get on and off, as is necessary. No strain on your back or leg, whatsoever.

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Experience the Joy of Three Wheels with a Recumbent Trike


The reclined seat allows you to sit back and relax, much like your favorite sofa in your living room. Mainly, the laid-back posture distributes your body weight and relieves pressure on some of the target areas that are a source of discomfort when using standard bikes.

As such, you do not need to hold on to something like you do on upright bikes to maintain a riding position, and you can ride for longer. The more comfortable you are, the more efficient you become, and the better it is for you.

The comfortable reclined position also allows you to focus ahead and on the peddling, making it more efficient and smooth.


The first time you came across a recumbent trike must have left a good impression on you.  Well, first impressions are most lasting, and the recumbent trike is the kind of equipment that leaves a lasting impression on anyone who comes across it. The design of the recumbent trike is quite cool. It doesn’t look disabled at all.

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