Exercise Bike Workout Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Most people do not appreciate the idea of hitting a gym and exercise there for hours. Having a piece of indoor exercise equipment will help you enjoy your workout session in your own time, at your happy place!

With the reviews and feedback gathered, the exercise bikes top the list of the most wanted indoor exercise equipment. Also, if you have to skip your gym due to bad weather, a broken vehicle, or any other annoying reasons, exercise bike to the rescue! You can catch up to your exercise time without any hurdles!

Pedaling and exercising in the wrong way might lead to accidents, injuries, or other hazards. Thus, we should educate ourselves to avoid these common exercise bike workout mistakes:

Choosing Proper Clothing

We agree that throw-on pants and comfy slippers will make you feel at home. But, there are certain circumstances where in those comfy clothes you opted to workout can turn into potential hazards!

Wearing loose-fitting pants can get your way while pedaling and you can imagine the after-effects.

Wearing a comfy pair of slippers will bring your expectations down once you happen to slip away and lose your balance.

Thus, opting for a cool, comfortable T-shirt and not-so-loose-or-scrappy pants will help you be comfortable and safe. Also, make sure you get a pair of comfortable shoes as they help you by providing proper balance.

Align The Exercise Bike Properly

Riding an exercise bike for hours is great. But, if the exercise bike is not adjusted and aligned in the right manner, you can invite potential danger!

Pedaling involves mostly knees, lower back, and hips. Thus, when you pedal when the saddle is placed high, you might end up hurting your knees due to stretching too much.

Also, if you workout sitting on a saddle which is lower than the preferred position, then, you are prone to hurt your back and hips.

It is a basic concern of every person to adjust the seating first before commencing the workout every day.

Drink, Drink, And Drink!

Well, like most of us commit this silly mistake. Yes, we are so focused and involved in our workout sessions that we often forget to hydrate ourselves.

Thus, to make up for it, you can practice a habit of keeping a water bottle while you start your session.

Make sure you take water breaks and hydrate yourself as required. It is recommended that you practice hydrating yourself pre-workout while working out, and also post-workout.

As you know, drinking water at regular intervals of time can help the body to flush out toxins and keep you clean and healthy!

As the workouts can dehydrate your body at a snap, you are prone to many other body-related issues.

Never Say NO To Cool-Down Stretches

Post-workout exercise plays a vital role just like the warm-up exercise. Just like you need to prepare your body for some intensified exercise, your body sure demands to be relaxed once it is done.

What happens if you skip the after-exercise stretch? It does affect your body by causing sore muscles, blood pooling, and throws many other muscle-related issues.

Make sure to practice a cool-down stretch for a least of 10-15 minutes. Thus, you can calm your mind, relax your muscles, and also, feel great!

Maintaining The Posture

Many of us tend to get excited and start pedaling faster. Thus, our battery drains out and all the option we have is to perform poorly for the rest of the minutes.

While we seem tired, we tend to bend by passing pressure towards the handlebar. Remember, the handlebars are provided to support us by lending proper balance. It clearly does not mean that we have official permission to bend over and lean on it!

Leaning too much can make you handlebar palsy. If you are experiencing pain, numbness, cramps, or weakness, then, you might be suffering from handlebar palsy.

Breathe Calmly. Breathe Deeply

What many of us do is indulge ourselves in workout enjoyment so much that we forget that a natural process called breathing exists!

As you breathe while exercising, your lungs can bring in the oxygen which is required to break down the sugar which is present in your blood. This, in turn, is used as fuel by your muscles while exercising.

Thus, if you do not breathe properly, you are prone to invite problems. Practice slow and deep breathing through your nose while exercising in low-moderate intensity.

If you are switching to high-intensity workouts, you can continue breathing through your mouth. All you need to focus on is not to stop or forget breathing!


Everybody loves to ride a bicycle! It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it’s amazing! Thus, the exercise bike is no wonder a favorite workout tool.

With proper clothing, mere common sense, and some basic rules, you can turn your home into a fabulous gym!

The next time you hop on, make sure you hydrate yourself better before adjusting the seats and posture! So, let’s all pedal the right way! Happy working out! Happy riding!!

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