Two-wheel Vs. Three-wheel Recumbent: What Should be Your First Choice

Regardless of your age, recumbent bikes are a fun way to put in some workouts.

Recumbent bikes are not so much about the need to move from one place to the other. If anything, the upright bikes are ideal for that role, such as traveling from your home to the office.

Among the top features that riders of recurrent bikes benefit from include back support. You can focus on the road and peddling, making you more efficient.

For some people, the dilemma is in choosing between the two wheels and the three wheels recumbent.

It is a natural choice, especially for those who are after riding comfort as opposed to speed. But what should be your first choice?

Two-wheel Recumbent


Speed is one factor that distinguishes between the two types of recumbent bikes. The two-wheeler is faster than its counterpart. It is ideal for those people who value speed.

The two-wheeled recumbent will get you to your destination faster than the three-wheeler. You may break a little sweat, but you may keep up with those riding upright bikes. Some of us get worked up when others overtake us on the road.

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If you are riding with others and you need to keep up, then a 2-wheel recumbent will help you achieve your goal. It is not much fun when others have to slow down for you. Don’t be a drag.

The two-wheeler is an excellent choice for those who have minimal time to exercise. The associated speed of the recumbent is a good thing to keep up with a busy schedule. For example, if you only have 2 or 3 hours to get somewhere, then your choice is simple.

If speed is not essential and you only want to have fun riding in the wind, then a three-wheeler is a good choice.


We all have our likes and dislikes. It is in our nature. The choice between the two wheels and the three-wheeled recumbent bike may be down to preference.

For example, you may love the three wheels recumbent bike because of the associated comfort.  However, your friend may not share your sentiments. They feel not old enough. In fact, the three wheels recumbent are standard among older people.

The speed junks will choose the two wheels recumbent over the three wheels.


Anyone who owns a recumbent bike will tell you that they offer better support than upright bikes. Well, that is a good thing for those who need sufficient back support during workouts.

The back support protects you from straining your joints so much. That is especially true if you are recovering from an injury.

Three-wheel Recumbent
Cruising in comfort with my three-wheeled recumbent bike.

Older people need back support to prevent injuries. However, it is a different story for young people. But is there any difference between the two wheel and the three-wheel recumbent bikes regarding support?

The two wheels require more concentration to achieve balance. The focus on balance may interfere with back support.  Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy your ride if you are focusing on maintaining the right balance as you ride.


A third wheel adds stability to the bike and makes it safer. You are less likely to fall over on a 3-wheel recumbent because of the third wheel. Well, the low center of gravity enhances your stability, but the third wheel makes all the difference.

You can, therefore, focus on enjoying the ride without worrying about falling over on an incline.  We are not saying that the two wheels recumbent is not safe. But the need for balance may interfere with your concentration and thus your safety.

Two wheel recumbent may have its pedals a few inches above the seat. The position makes it a bit challenging to recover your balance if you make a mistake with the gears. However, that would not be an issue with a 3-wheel recumbent.

Riding in heavy traffic is more comfortable on a three-wheel recumbent than on a 2-wheel recumbent. You do not need to maintain a certain speed for balance. In slow traffic, you may not achieve efficiency.

You will need to reach for the ground with your feet continually, and that may not be ideal.

Sometimes, quick maneuvers are essential to avoid accidents with cars. For example, a reversing vehicle may not be aware of your presence, and quick reflexes will save you from a crash. Unfortunately, you may not be fast enough with a two-wheeler because of the need to keep balance.

A three wheel recumbent bike is better in that regard when compared to a two-wheeler.

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